About Measure M

Help make sure all students in Moreland School District are safe and secure at school and have access to facilities that prepare them for college and careers of the 21st century. Vote Yes on Measure M.

Our local, public Moreland elementary and middle schools have served our community well for decades, and we are proud that our schools rank among the best in California. But we can do more. There is a direct relationship between quality school facilities and student achievement, and our current reality is that ALL of our schools are overdue for repairs, upgrades and modernization. These conditions are impacting instruction and student learning.

Measure M is a prudent plan to continue repairing our Moreland schools for improved student safety and access to quality instructional facilities for ALL Moreland students.

Measure M will:

  • Repair and replace leaky roofs, failing and inefficient HVAC systems, electrical wiring and aging infrastructure.
  • Upgrade safety and security systems, including fire alarms and communication systems, security cameras and fencing.
  • Ensure that children’s playgrounds, walkways and fields meet current health and safety standards.
  • Keep schools safe, clean and well-maintained.
  • Update student learning environments for 21st century learning.

Taxpayer protections are REQUIRED. By law, ALL funds stay local to benefit Moreland schools and students only. The State CANNOT take this money away. NO funds are allowed for administrators' salaries or pensions. Independent Citizens’ Oversight and mandatory audits are required.

Whether or not you have school-age children, protecting the quality of education in our community is a wise investment. Good schools protect property values and strengthen our neighborhoods.

Please join teachers, parents, business and community leaders, and residents throughout our community in investing in high quality public schools. Vote YES on Measure M.